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Watch video to see what life is like at The Burrows

A ‘walk-through’ video of The Burrows ward for CAMHS inpatients at Berrywood Hospital in Northampton has been produced to introduce young people and their families to the ward. 

The video has been designed and narrated by young people that have experience of staying at The Burrows. 

This method of ‘co-production’ means that service users are able to share their experiences so that other young people can hear directly from people just like them.

Dr Sankar Sachin, Clinical Lead for the East Midlands Provider Collaborative, said: “As a Children and Young People’s Mental Health Inpatients team, we know that coming into hospital can be a difficult and different time in a young person’s life, this is why we felt it was important to share a ‘hello’ from our staff and offer a tour of the ward to reduce any anxieties around staying at the Burrows and to give an insight into what the ward looks like.

“The Burrows are very committed to jointly working together with our young people within a nurturing, caring environment. We keep the experience of any young person we support at the very centre of all that we do here at the Burrows, and this helps us to strive together towards the best outcomes. 

“We are really excited to start sharing the video with young people and their families, so that they are supported in their admission to the Burrows. We hope you enjoy watching The Burrows video and that it makes a difference to many young people and their families.”

You can watch the video here: 

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