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Developing Healthcare Leaders through engagement and support

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A new leadership programme for Clinical Support Worker (CSW) managers has been successful in filling a gap in leadership development for the Band 5/6 workforce for mental health and community Trusts across the East Midlands. 

The East Midlands Alliance Developing Healthcare Leaders programme launched in February 2023. Talent for Care developed and are running the CSW line manager programme with the EMA. The programme has supported 50 managers so far with a series of interactive sessions and a space to share leadership journeys. The programme focuses on essential practices such as: coaching styles, supporting and empowering teams and compassion.

What are the programme objectives?

The desired outcomes for the programme include:

  • Developing a new leadership mindset and practising robust leadership skills, essential to manage, inspire and retain Clinical Support Workers
  • Becoming aware of key leadership qualities and attributes from authenticity, to knowledge, delegation, recognition and praise
  • Creating time, for CSW managers, to think and to connect with each other, strengthening their desire to work together
  • Becoming more outward looking and thinking bigger, as a CSW line manager and healthcare leader
  • Feeling valued and inspired, restoring resilience, motivation and wellbeing
  • Strengthening their sense of belonging in their organisations and the wider East Midlands Alliance
  • Developing stronger relationships with their peers and sustainable, informal support networks across the Alliance


Programme details

The programme launched in February 2023, delivered by Talent for Care, and the first four cohorts included 50 managers of Community Support Workers (Band 5/6) from all across the East Midlands. The programme lasted for 18 to 22 weeks per cohort (February 2023 to February 2024) and was delivered remotely to maximise participant engagement.

The key features of the programme include:

  • Mixed cohorts of up to 16 CSW managers and future leaders going through the journey together
  • 5 interactive programme sessions on MS Teams delivered by experienced programme leaders
  • All participants were given Practice Partners to share the journey and provide peer support 
  • A series of light practices, leadership assignments and awareness-raising activities in between sessions
  • A programme e-booklet including core leadership material and practices.
  • A full CPD accreditation on successful completion of the programme.

A big part of the programme centres around peer-to-peer discussions. This ensures people are engaged with the content and are able to build connections, share experiences and learn from each other.

What were the key outcomes?

Key performance indicators and survey responses from participants revealed a positive experience. Participants’ self-assessed abilities and practices, across 10 main dimensions. Most results suggested they improved or significantly improved across all the main areas, including:

  • Resilience - 91% of participants improved or significantly improved their personal resilience.
  • Awareness - 100% of participants improved or significantly improved one of the foundational skills in their management and leadership roles  
  • Communication - 90% participants improved or significantly improved their communication skills at work which is essential in their leadership development
  • Relationships - 91% of participants improved or significantly improved their ability to develop positive relationships

What has the feedback been like?

  • 84% of participants rated the programme 4 or 5 out of 5
  • 75% of participants would recommend the programme to colleagues
  • 75% of participants improved or significantly improved their sense of belonging in their teams and organisations, as well as the sense of fulfilment in their jobs, and felt more valued by their organisation.

This suggests positive feedback from the first 50 that participated in the programme.

Below is some feedback provided directly by participants:

“This programme has provided me with ability to become a better leader and understand the key elements of what makes a good leader.”

“The whole programme has impacted me for the better. I'm a better listener, I better understand my biases and other people’s perspective.”

“I was surprised to reflect that I am implementing many of the skills discussed already.”

“The programme provided great insight and was useful to see how different professionals from different services shared similar but differing experiences.”

“It's provided me with time and space to reflect and focus on me as a leader.”

“It's been an amazing eye and mind opening experience.”

Six further cohorts have been commissioned for 2024/ 25.

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